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inside of pulp and press juice order with variety of cold pressed juice

How to Recycle Pulp & Press Packaging

Cardboard Shipping Box

Recycle Box With Curbside Recycling

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Your cardboard shipping box is 100% curbside recyclable. Please collapse the box before adding it to your recycling.

Reuse Box at Home

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  • Repackage large gifts for friends and family
  • Repurpose as a storage box
  • Turn it into a fun toy for your furry friend
  • Repurpose cardboard material for arts and crafts.
pulp and press cardboard shipping box on counter with juice cleanse and hand holing juice

Your order may have one of the following packaging types, depending on the fulfillment warehouse.

Plant-based Foam

What to do with plant-based foam packaging

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  1. Remove the outer film layer and add to your curbside recycling bin.
  2. Option A Once the outer film is recycled, add the foam to your compost pile in your backyard or bring it to a commercial compost facility. Our bio-based packaging foam will decompose in 60 days or less when in a moist soil environment.
  3. Option B Once the outer film is recycled, our foam quickly dissolves in water. Add some small pieces in the sink or bath and watch them dissolve safely down the drain. If you prefer to dissolve the foam outside, your garden hose will also do the trick.

Kraft Paper Liners

How to Recycle Paper Packaging

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The kraft paper insulated box liners are 100% curbside recyclable.
plant based packaging foam inside pulp and press shipping box

Non-Toxic Ice Packs

How to Recycle Ice Packs

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The fill material used in the packs is considered non-toxic and commonly used in such things as diapers and agricultural applications for moisture retention of soil. It is safe to dispose of in normal municipal waste streams barring local restrictions. It should never be disposed of down a sink or drain pipes.
  1. Empty contents of packs into trash bin (unless local restrictions apply). Even though these products are considered to be non-toxic, care should be taken to restrict access from children and pets.
  2. Bags emptied of contents are recyclable as LDPE #4 plastic (the same material commonly used in grocery bags).

    Reuse Ice Packs At Home

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    Feel free to reuse your ice packs for as long as they are in good condition. Please do not reuse ice packs that are damaged or leaking.
    reusable ice packs inside pulp and press order of cold pressed juice

    100% Recyclable Bottles

    How to Recycle Bottles

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    Our bottles are made of PET plastic, which is one of the most highly recyclable and widely accepted plastic materials.

    1. Rinse and empty the contents of the bottles.
    2. Empty bottles are curbside recyclable as PET #1 plastic.
    3. Please help us keep our bottles out of landfill so they can be recycled again and again.

    Reuse Bottles at Home

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    • Use bottles to propagate plants. Our wellness shot bottles are particularly popular for this purpose.
    • Use bottles as a vase to hold short-stemmed flowers.
    • Store arts and crafts supplies or loose change.
    • Make a bird feeder.

    Curbside Recyclable Plastic Bottles

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    • Currently our bottles are 100% curbside recyclable plastic, we are limited to plastic bottles in order to achieve maximum shelf stability and minimize the chances of spoilage and food waste through high-pressure processing.
    • We are always on the hunt for new technologies that are sustainable and most widely accepted through the existing recycling infrastructure where our products are purchased.
    • As one of our first steps towards plastic neutrality, we're collecting ocean-bound plastic from areas with some of the most extreme plastic leakage rates in the world – where waste collection is mostly non-existent and plastic pollution is destroying vulnerable communities.
    • A portion of every Pulp & Press purchase will support the circular economy and help restore the environment, through collecting, processing, and recycling ocean-bound plastic waste.

    Why We Use Plastic Bottles Instead of Glass Bottles

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    • Minimal Breakage Risk: Less fragile packaging translates to fewer breakages, saving valuable resources and minimizing reships.
    • Lower Energy Consumption: Manufacturing plastic requires less energy than producing glass, contributing to a greener future.
    • Sustainable Shipping: Lightweight plastic packaging reduces fuel usage and emissions during delivery.
    • Reduced Packaging Waste: Avoiding the need for additional non-recyclable protective packaging materials like bubble wrap means less waste in landfills.
    arm holding spicy lemon cold pressed juice bottle repurposed as flower vase

    Committed to sustainability.

    Each purchase prevents 10 bottles-worth of plastic from entering our oceans.

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