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This new line features fresh and organic ingredients that are both filling and delicious! Blended rather than pressed, our Smoothies make for a hearty drink brimming with pulp, colour and taste.

Can't wait to try out our new line of organic Smoothies? Our Variety Pack has 2 of every flavour—buy a pack today and discover which flavour you like best!

  • 2× Bliss
  • 2× Dragonfly
  • 2× Green Velvet
  • 2× Kalefornia

convenient delivery!

Delivered cold to your doorstep


Cold pressed

Maximum nutritional value in each sip


more bang for your buck

20% more than other juice brands


tailored consulting

Get customized support before your cleanse

Do something good.

For your mind.

Avoid productivity dips, improve energy and boost mental clarity.

For your body.

No GMOs and organic ingredients only—just the good stuff.

For the planet.

2 bottles worth of plastic removed from the ocean with each bottle sold.

For your best self

Do something good.
Gut Health
Mental Clarity

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