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Common Misconceptions About Juice Cleansing

Common Misconceptions About Juice Cleanses

Nothing is more tempting than the idea of eating a big order of fries at 11:30 am on day 3 of your juice cleanse. Trust us, we’ve been there. But if you need a little push in this journey to juicing and have questions around it, we’re here for you. Drinking cold pressed juice is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body, but the idea of only consuming juice for a length of time can give anyone the heebeegeebees. 

Won’t I be hungry? Will it be too difficult to do? These are common questions around juice cleansing that we hear on the daily, and we’re here to answer them and give you the confidence to try a juice cleanse for the first time (or fifth).

I’ll be starving for days

The idea of not eating any solid food for days feels scary, but the main benefits of completing a juice cleanse is to provide your digestive organs with a much-needed break, enabling your body to benefit from the surge of vitamins and nutrients. With 7 juices per day, scheduled every 2 hours, cleansers have reported feeling satisfied throughout the day. However, if you need something we would recommend a light salad, vegan soup or fruit/vegetables in the juices.

Juice cleanses are too difficult 

Like all new things, your mind will be excited, nervous and a wee bit apprehensive to try it. But to ensure your juice cleansing experience is one that isn't just highly nutritious, but delicious as well, our combination of smoothies, probiotics, juices and wellness shots are curated to keep you feeling full throughout the length of your cleanse. Plus every cleanse comes with a printed guide on how to get the most of your cleanse. At this time, it is important to remind yourself of your health goals, and the reason you’ve chosen to do a juice cleanse. Refocus your mind and stay on track. 

Juice cleanses have a high sugar intake

Our bodies thrive with natural fruit-based sugars because we’re able to metabolize them much easier than processed or refined sugars. Fruit sugar is made up of both fructose and glucose, which allows both your liver and insulin to break them down more easily than synthetic sweeteners. Fruit sugars also tend not to spike blood sugars like processed or refined sugars. 
For healthy individuals with no underlying medical concerns, the naturally occurring sugars in cold-pressed juices should be no cause for alarm! Cold-pressed juice is not the same as the juice we’re used to seeing at the breakfast table. Cold-pressed juice has no added sugar, any sweetness is 100% natural. 

Why Choose A Pulp and Press Cleanse

We’re here to help you simplify your journey to better health by taking the stress out of cleansing by yourself. You don’t need to think about what produce to buy, what juice recipes to make or make a mess of your kitchen; Or even which juice to drink at what time. We’re making it real simple. Here’s how it works:


Take our 60 second quiz to find the cleanse for you.


Pick a date that is most convenient for your schedule and block out time, and social activities when you commit to a juice cleanse.


Each of our cleanses come with a juice schedule. It details out each juice per day, as well as the duration and arrangement you should consume the juices in.


Our community loves to share their cleansing journey with us on Instagram and TikTok. So don’t forget to tag us and let us know how your cleanse is going.


From the plant-based packaging foam to our fully recyclable bottles and boxes (including our ice packs and tape)—Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Once you’ve wrapped up your cleanse, you can go ahead and recycle the boxes, tape, bottles and dissolve the packaging foam in your bathroom sink. Ice packs can be reused for as long as they are in good condition.
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