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Back to School: 3 Essential Nutrients for a Smooth Seasonal Shift

Back to School: 3 Essential Nutrients for a Smooth Seasonal Shift

Yup, it’s here already! And whether we like it or not, the leaves and temperatures are dropping and we are back to our busy schedules! As the seasons change, so do our needs. Add a busy calendar to the list and our bodies' nutritional requirements increase! So how do we keep our health in check while we transition into this season and conquer its challenges? Glad you asked! This month we are focusing on three key nutrients to include in your daily menu to keep you going strong through the winter months! 


Fun fact: When stress creeps in, whether it's due to a packed schedule or external factors like viruses and chilly weather, our bodies prioritize survival mode. Everyday functions like digestion might take a backseat temporarily, as our energy gears towards safeguarding and empowering us to face those challenges head-on. So what does that mean? By the end of the day, many will see depleted energy levels and sluggish digestion. Adding some healthy bacteria to your everyday diet can help reignite your digestion and keep it well-supported while you go about your day! You can find a variety of probiotics in foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, probiotic-enriched juices, and kombucha!

Vitamin C

Known primarily for its immune-boosting abilities, this powerhouse nutrient also has a number of other benefits including promoting blood-building and collagen production! The reason why we encourage regular consumption of this vitamin is that it is one of the first nutrients to become depleted during times of stress. Including fresh fruits and vegetables (or cold pressed juices and smoothies) is a great way to keep this nutrient stocked up while we transition to a busier schedule.


In addition to encouraging regular detoxification and digestive support, fibre offers blood sugar regularity when consumed consistently throughout the day. When faced with high amounts of stress, our cortisol levels (the stress hormone) rise, which can cause blood sugar levels to rise as well. Consuming adequate amounts of fibre throughout the day can offer some balance and keep our energy levels more consistent. Some great ways to add fibre to each meal are including smoothies with flax, chia, and lots of fruits and vegetables and also adding whole grains and legumes to your meals!


And there you have it! A few helpful tools to add to your tool kit while you take on this new and exciting phase with (hopefully) a little more confidence and a lot more energy! Until next time!

Written by Julie VanHeart: Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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