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A Mocktail Match: Pulp & Press x Mate Libre

A Mocktail Match: Pulp & Press x Mate Libre

It’s time to spice up your mocktails! 

If you’re bored of making the same drinks over and over again, we have the perfect recipes for you. We have partnered with Mate Libre to make the most delicious mocktails! Our team of specialists has worked together to create unique beverage pairings that taste good and are great for you! 

Mocktail #1: Moscow Mule

This traditional drink is a combination of ginger and lime juice to create a spicy and tasty beverage.

Here is the recipe: 

  • 1 oz Ginger Elixir
  • 2 oz Mint & Lime Yerba Mate Energy Infusion
  • 1 oz Soda water
  • Garnish with Lime

Benefit: the ginger and lime work together to soothe digestion. This is a perfect after-meal mocktail. 


Mocktail #2: The Pink Lady 

  • 2 oz Lemon Sherbert 
  • 2 oz Rose & Hibiscus Yerba Mate Energy Infusion
  • Top up with Soda water
  • Garnish with Lemon

Benefit: Hibiscus and vitamin C to strengthen vascular health and aid circulation. 

Mocktail #3: Lemonade Mimosa 

  • 2 oz Spicy Lemon
  • 3 oz Passion Yerba Mate Energy Infusion

Benefit: Ginger and Lemon to reduce bad bacteria and boost immunity.

Mocktail #4: Paloma

Benefit: Lemon and beet work to tone and detoxify the liver.

We hope you enjoy these fun mocktail variations as much as we do!

Who is Mate Libre?

Mate Libre is a beverage company that specializes in Yerba Mate beverages. Yerba Mate is a tree that grows in South America with leaves that are naturally caffeinated. Mate Libre uses these same leaves to offer a refreshing, tangy, floral, slightly sweet and energizing beverage.

Learn more about Mate Libre.

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