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Pulp and press juices on a wooden table alongside fresh vegetables and herbs.

The Pressure Is On: The Benefits of High Pressure Processing

At Pulp & Press, we adhere to the highest standards in the production of our juice and use only the highest quality ingredients. Most importantly, we don’t heat pasteurize our juices. Instead, we use High Pressure Processing (HPP) to keep our juice 100% natural so that you get 100% of the nutritional benefits.

What is HPP (High Pressure Processing?)

HPP is an all-natural, heat-free method of destroying potentially harmful pathogens while maintaining all the great nutritional benefits of each ingredient. HPP is used for dressings, soups, and dairy products—and in our case raw, fresh, organic juice. Our organic fruits and vegetables are cold pressed, bottled in their final packaging, then put through HPP.

How Does High Pressure Processing Work?

HPP involves placing the juice in a chamber of water and subjecting it to a high level of isostatic pressure—87,000 PSI to be exact. The amount of pressure used is between that of the Mariana Trench and the pressure used to create diamonds.

High Pressure Processing vs. Pasteurization

Heat pasteurization is a process in which foods are heated to a specific temperature to deactivate harmful pathogens and bacteria. While this process extends the shelf life significantly, it also comprises the nutrient quality—destroying any health benefits.

Because of the absence of heat in HPP, the original nutrients are not compromised and freshness is maintained. It also extends the shelf life of our juices, so you have more time to enjoy your cold pressed juice!

View our infographic to learn more about HPP and how it results in fresher, more nutrient-dense juice.

What is HPP Infographic

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