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Your Common Pulp & Press Juicing Questions Answered

Have a question about picking a cleanse, when you start drinking your juice, or after you’ve finished? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re a beginner juicer or you’ve got a couple cleanses under your belt, juicing can be a confusing journey, and new questions always pop up. Don’t worry! We’re here to help make your experience as easy (and, dare we say, fun) as possible.

We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get most often from our juicing community—both beginners and seasoned juicers. Keep reading to discover some of the answers you’ve been searching for!

Before You Start

How do I know what cleanse to pick?

The cleanse that is right for you will depend on where you are in your cleansing journey. If you’re brand new to juice cleanses, or haven’t done one in a long time, then a 3-day cleanse is likely your best bet. The Original 3-Day cleanse, also known as The Beginner, and The Complete 3-Day cleanse are both great options if you’re just starting out.

If you’re a more seasoned cleanser, then a 5-7 day cleanse is your best bet to maximize the benefits. The Original, The Complete Cleanse, and The Green Cleanse all offer 5-day options.

Still not sure which juice cleanse is right for you? Take our quiz to discover which cleanse is best for your lifestyle and goals!

Diet-Related Questions

Are any of your juices keto-friendly?

While we don’t offer any juice that is free from carbs—after all, fruits and vegetables naturally have sugars and complex carbohydrates—we do have some some lower-carb options to consider:

  • Our Wellness Shots each contain less than 5g of sugar per serving.
  • Envy clock in at 6g of sugar per bottle.

Are your juices, probiotics, and smoothies vegan?

All of our juices, elixirs, probiotics, and smoothies are 100% vegan. Our juices are made from organic fruits and vegetables. Our probiotics are made from organic fruits and vegetables, 3 billion live vegan probiotic cultures, and a refreshing white tea base. Our smoothies are made from fresh produce, coconut milk, and chia seeds.

Are your juices, probiotics, and smoothies gluten-free?

Yep, our entire product line-up is gluten-free!

What’s a good juice to promote weight loss?

All of our juices have awesome benefits that can help with weight loss! They are great options if you are trying to limit your soda or high-sugar beverage intake—you can be confident you’re switching to an all-natural, nutritious drink.

All of our juices contain naturally occurring sugars from 100% fresh, organic produce. If you’re on the hunt for a low-sugar juice, Envy and Hulk are both great options.

Of course, a few other things will impact weight loss too, like the other foods and drinks you consume in a day and how much physical activity you do.

Once You Get Your Juice

Is that mold at the bottom of my juice?

Nope! No need to worry, that’s just natural sediment. Sometimes ginger and spirulina sediment looks a lot like mold—but rest assured, it’s not! Because our juices aren’t pasteurized, there will be some separation that occurs after it is bottled (this is also how you can tell you’re getting real cold pressed juice!). Just give your juice a good shake before you drink it and you’ll be good.

Why are some of my juices different colours?

You might notice the shade differs slightly between two bottles of the same juice—this is totally normal. Just like the produce you buy at the store can vary slightly in colour, so can our juice!

Did I get the wrong juice?

Are you noticing the label doesn’t look the same as what you ordered? Flip your bottle over and see if the right name is on the other side. As a Canadian brand, we print our labels with both English and French sides. Don’t worry, that Dragon Rouge you received is just your Red Monster!

If you think you definitely got the wrong juice, be sure to give us a call or send a message and we’ll be happy to get it sorted out for you.

Drinking Your Juice, Smoothies, Or Probiotics

Where should I store my drinks?

Your juice, smoothies, or probiotics will ship in a chilled, insulated box—but don’t keep them in there! As soon as you receive your order, put your drinks in the fridge to keep them cold and fresh. Your juice should always stay in the fridge (unless you’re drinking it!).

How long does the juice last in the fridge?

The best before date will let you know how long your juice will last unopened. Check the best before date printed on the top or side of the bottle and be sure to keep your juice in the fridge the entire time.

How long does the juice last once it’s opened?

Once you open your juice, the shelf life is lowered. We recommend drinking your juice within 3 days of opening it to get the maximum nutritional value. Be sure to keep it capped and in the fridge when you’re not drinking it.

Why do some of the juices taste different?

You might notice two of the same juices have a slightly different taste. Not to worry! Just like how one batch of produce can taste a bit different than the rest, so can our juice! Because our juices are 100% raw, fresh and organic, we use no added flavours or preservatives to alter the taste of our products!

During Your Cleanse

How do I know which juice to drink first?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of cleansing—you’ll receive a complete cleanse guide with your order so you know what juices to drink and when to drink them. If you’ve misplaced your guide, you can find a copy here.

Can I still work out as normal?

There’s no need to give up exercise completely while on your cleanse. In fact, light exercise can help the detoxification process and help you feel more alert and focused.

If you normally do high-intensity workouts, scale your routine back slightly. If you normally do light, calm workouts, you can continue working out as you would. Pay attention to how your body feels and don’t overdo it! Be mindful of the fact that during a cleanse, your body is working extra hard to reset and detoxify itself.

Some great activities to do while cleansing include yoga, walking, and swimming—and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Can I drink the juices in the cleanse in a different order?

While the order your drink your juices in is ultimately up to you, we recommend drinking the juices in the order given in your cleanse guide to maximize your results. Our juicing experts have carefully created the guides to ensure you’re drinking the right juice at the optimal times.

Can I do a juice cleanse while at work?

You sure can! Although it might seem tricky, doing a cleanse while at work is totally possible (and definitely worth it). All it takes is a little planning and preparation on your end to set yourself up for success. Check out this blog post for 10 helpful tips to survive a juice cleanse at work.

After Your Cleanse

What should I eat after a cleanse?

Believe it or not, the foods you eat right after your cleanse are just as important as the cleanse itself! Your body has worked hard to reset itself during your cleanse, so slowly reintroduce healthy, wholesome foods into your diet once you have completed your cleanse.

Try to avoid unhealthy foods, alcohol, and caffeine right off the bat. You don’t want all the benefits of your cleanse to go to waste!

Want some more ideas? Check out our blog post on what to eat after a juice cleanse.

How often should I do a cleanse?

We recommend doing a cleanse once every 2-3 months. In the meantime, you can stock up on your favourite juices, smoothies, and probiotics to maintain health benefits and maximize your daily nutrient intake!

Tackle Juicing With Confidence

Now that you have some answers to your burning questions, you’ll be ready to tackle your next juicing journey—whether it be a cleanse, some probiotics, or just drinking some juice on-the-go.

Can’t seem to find the answer you’ve been searching for? Take a peek at our frequently asked questions page or send us a message.

Which Pulp & Press juice cleanse is right for you?

Take our quiz to discover which cleanse is best for your lifestyle and goals!


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