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Top 5 Benefits of Juicing Cucumbers

Promotes joint health

Cucumber is a great source of silica, a trace mineral found in connective tissues like cartilage and tendons. The body doesn’t need a whole lot of it to stay healthy, so when you eat cucumber, you’re sure to get a healthy dose of it that will help to relieve arthritis pain and leave you with a bounce in your step.


Cucumbers are comprised of about 96% water, which makes them an excellent food to ingest for cleansing the body of toxins. They help keep the body hydrated, which makes you feel relaxed and energetic, while they do the tough work and purify your blood.

Relieves irritated eyes

There is validity to seeing women in movies being pampered with cucumbers covering their eyes! If your eyes are itchy or swollen, you can slice them and place them on, but you can also eat/drink some and it will have a similar effect. This is a great remedy if you have seasonal allergies.

Skin and hair care

Cucumber works well as a topical remedy for sunburns and skin irritation just as aloe does, and naturally contains silicon and sulfur – two elements that aid in stimulating hair growth and strength.

Energy booster

Cucumbers contain a healthy dose of B-vitamins, a hot topic in the health industry tight now. They not only help your mind stay clear, but they give you a burst of energy rivaling that of coffee or pop.

Ready To Juice?

When you’re juicing cukes, remember that you can use the whole thing – skin and all! (The skin actually holds a large amount of the nutritional properties.) Just be sure to give it a good scrub if you’ve purchased them from a non-organic source.

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