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Our Mission

Founded in 2014, Pulp & Press stands for making health convenient, accessible, and delicious for everyone. We offer a variety of raw, organic juices that use only the highest quality ingredients, helping us support our community and fans.

January 2014

Pulp & Press Juice Co was founded in London, Ontario!

March 2014

Pulp & Press juice carried by its first retailer!

November 2015

Due to increasing demand, Pulp & Press expanded to a new, larger production facility.

June 2017

1 Million Bottles Sold!

After four incredible years, Pulp & Press achieved a remarkable milestone of 1,000,000 bottles sold.

December 2018

Pulp & Press broadened its product line and welcomed probiotic hydrators to its family of beverages.

January 2019

Pulp & Press introduced filling and nutritious smoothies to its array of delicious products.

October 2019

Pulp & Press products available to purchase in stores across Canada.

December 2019

3 Million Bottles Sold!

In two short years, Pulp & Press eclipsed the previous milestone of 1,000,000 bottles sold.

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Why Juicing?

Raw cold pressed juice is the most nutrient-dense way to consume fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Juice Cleanse

Take control of your health and feel amazing with our organic juice cleanses.

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