We operate an independent espresso bar and find that, bottom-line, Pulp & Press juice has a positive effect on our daily sales goals

Jill Wright, Owner of Locomotive Espresso

Why You Should Partner With Pulp & Press

The results speak for themselves

50-60 Bottles/week

Average number of bottles sold per week with a medium size retail partner.

$1,800 Sales/Month

Average monthly juice sales for a medium size retail partner.

40% Margin/Bottle

An impressive profit on a product that consumers are actively seeking

4,800% Increase in Popularity* for Cold Pressed Juice

Immediate Results

  • Increase your foot traffic
  • Expand your menu offerings
  • Watch your bottom line grow

* Data sourced from Google and represents searh engine requests for the term cold pressed juice per month in Canada

For more information on becoming a retail partner, contact VP of Sales and Marketing John Parlow at john@pulpandpress.com

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