Proper nutrition should be a daily habit, not an afterthought

When did healthy living become “trendy”? Along with physical activity, a regular, nutrient-filled diet is key to reducing illness, disease and obesity.

Consuming raw, fresh juice on a daily basis will ensure that you receive all of your essential vitamins and nutrients, contributing to your overall health. Why make health your habit with the power of raw juice? Read on!

Ways To Juice:


Breakfast On The Go

Need a quick meal on the go? For days where you don’t have the time or appetite for a hearty meal, a raw juice can serve as a healthy and satisfying meal replacement.

Nutrient boost

As a healthy mid-day snack, or an added infusion of vegetables with your meal, 100% raw, organic juices are the perfect complement to a balanced diet.

Juice cleanse

Ranging from 3-7 days, a detoxifying juice cleanse is a great way to give your body a rest from digestion, so it can direct energy to cleaning out your system.

Raw Juice Benefits

3-4 Pounds Fresh Produce/Bottle

Get your daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables in one nutritious drink.

Flush Toxins From Your Body

Harness the power of raw juice to eliminate toxic waste from your digestive system.

Help Prevent Illness & Disease

Raw juice ingredients have been known to help prevent chronic conditions.

Less than 50% of Canadians are consuming 5 portions of fresh produce on a daily basis.

Raw juice addresses this deficiency, providing your body with all the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Health Canada suggests that adults eat 7-10 portions daily.

*Data sourced from Health Canada and represents the percentage of people in Canada who consumed fruits and vegetables at least 5 times daily.

Chart: Percent of Canadians eating 5+ daily servings of fruits & vegetables, 2001-2012.

Practice Healthy Habits

Make a healthy diet part of your daily life. Start drinking raw juice by choosing one of the following options.

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