Delivery Areas

We ship to several regions of Ontario from our distribution centre in London, stretching as far East as Ottawa and as far North as Barrie.

Refer to the map to the left to determine the expected delivery time for your region of the province.

For more information about our shipping rates, please contact Pulp & Press London at or (519) 679-3003.

Shipping FAQs

Do you ship juice?

Yes, we ship to regions across Ontario, with in-store pickup available in London.  Orders may be placed online or by calling one of our store locations.

How long does it take for a delivery? 

We have priority overnight shipping on all our juice deliveries. For a juice cleanse or kit, your start date is the day after the date of delivery. For subscriptionsthe delivery date is when that week’s supply of juices will arrive.

Do I have to refrigerate my juice?

Absolutely. Due to the highly perishable nature of Pulp & Press’ raw cold pressed juice, it must be kept refrigerated when it is not being consumed.

Why do I have to pre-order my juice cleanse?

Pulp & Press juice is made from 100% raw, fresh, and organic ingredients, and made-to-order in limited quantities. We believe in the importance of a zero-waste process and delivering the freshest product possible to our customers, so our juice cleanses, kits and subscriptions must be pre-ordered online or at our storefront at least 48 hours in advance.

Do I have to be home to accept my juice delivery?

Pulp & Press prefers that someone be present and able to sign for your juice delivery.  However, as your juice will be shipped in an insulated shipping container, we can always leave it at your front door.

Do you deliver to businesses?

Yes.  Please ensure that your juice is refrigerated immediately upon delivery, even if it means cleaning out your old lunch containers in the office fridge!

Do you accept returns?

Returns and exchanges are not permitted.  If you run into any issues or are unsatisfied with the product, please contact us immediately and we will ensure that the situation is addressed.

What happens if my juice is late?

We do everything we can to ensure that your shipment arrives on time but on the odd occasion, due to unforeseeable events or extreme weather, our juices may arrive late. But don’t worry, our juices are packaged in a way that keeps them cold as long as possible. Just make sure that you refrigerate them as soon as they arrive.

What happens if my juice is shipped to an incorrect address?

Make 100% sure that you’ve submitted the correct address when making your order. If you haven’t received your shipment and it ended up at your neighbour’s place down the street, contact Pulp & Press immediately.